At PSG we help organizations across Canada identify, assess, and hire exceptionally talented Managers, Directors, VP’s and subject matter experts. Every leadership & management candidate receives the same preferred treatment as our clients. Our service philosophy is to create a rewarding experience and ensure your unique abilities and leadership qualities are aligned to the opportunities we present. Our refreshing approach and open style are foundational to the career-long professional relationships we have forged.


What You Can Expect Working With PSG

  • We are selective in the professionals we build relationships with.
  • We assess and invest time in understanding your leadership style, ideal culture fit, and the direction you want to guide your career.
  • We provide assistance in conveying your career story, personal brand, and positioning your unique leadership abilities to increase your marketability.
  • We keep you informed.

It’s critical we present you with the right opportunities for you to succeed and you will find our attention to detail and interest in you and your career goals makes this possible. We’re very selective about the client partnerships we establish; this means you can rely on our recommendations. PSG has a vested interest in getting it right – for you and for our clients.

Your career matters.


Career Management Coaching

PSG’s career management coaching services help you identify, assess, and remove the barriers to achieving your goals. You may have identified you’re ready for a shift in your career, or you have aspirations to achieve more than you currently are. Our coaches help clarify your goals, provide you with cutting-edge career resources, and help you by structuring action and inspiring commitment and motivation.


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